August Newsletter

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Welcome to Michael Sadowsky's Monthly Creative Newsletter.
Recap for this month: AUGUST
Finished Projects: 
-Four Paintings 
-Two Masks
-One T-shirt Design 
"Camping Trip" - Acrylic on Canvas 2.5’x6’
This painting took me four months to complete. It is the largest painting I have ever completed. Going through the creative process is always a journey. There is doubt. There are ups and downs. There are days when I didn't even want to look at the painting as I was stuck with a creative choice and didn't have the answer. The work stays semi-constant. I tried to complete one task every day to move the progress along. Some days I did not. But over the course of four months, the work added up to a considerable victory. Upon finishing the piece, I was met with relief and joy. I took my time creating and stepped away when I did not have what I needed at that moment. I always went back. "Camping Trip" was born.
“Cloud Spirit” - Acrylic on Canvas 12” x 18” 
This painting represents a bird’s flight. The colors remind me of Cape Cod in the summer. 
Untitled  - Acrylic on Canvas 12” x 18”
Complete comfortable chaos. This painting makes me think that if you can find composure and comfort during turbulent times, you’ll have an amazing advantage in life. 
“Stay The Course” - Acrylic on Canvas 12” x 30”
This painting was commissioned for my friend Nicholi Rogatkin. He is a professional mountain biker. I wanted to make a piece for him that represented the ruggedness and determination of the sport. He wears a yellow helmet and wanted a piece to match.
Mask Design - made from previous paintings I’ve made. More to come! 
Merge Mask- 
Pink Music Mask-
T-Shirt Design
This T-shirt combines 6 different paintings that I’ve recently completed.  My website has a lot more! 
The website that I launched at the beginning of the month —->
I would love to hear from you regarding any ideas you might have for future creations! See you next month :) 
*If you forward this in an email to a friend and CC me you will automatically be added to a raffle to receive a poster print of one of my paintings! (The winner will be announced next month).* My email -
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Michael Sadowsky 
Have a wonderful weekend :)

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