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Welcome back to Michael Sadowsky's Monthly Creative NewsletterI would love to share my finished projects (Paintings, shirts, videos, pictures, articles) with you! 
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Recap for this month: September
Finished Projects: 
6 Paintings
4 Masks
A Clock
A Desk Garden
"Beach Day" 
Made in Harwich Port, Cape Cod. This was the first time I left Sudbury in six months. My family and I went to Harwich Port, where I have spent a good portion of all my summers since I was a baby.  Coming to these beaches has always been a highlight of my summer. Visiting again after most of Summer has been spent in quarantine felt immensely joyful. I had to capture it. I painted this on the beach with pretty strong winds. I duct taped the painting to the wooden easel and pushed the legs deep into the sand. That did the trick.  (Resting Beach Face Mask)
This painting was actually not made. What I mean by that is, this canvas was used as a pallet for a commission I had made back in June. I love turning my pallets into "finished pieces" once I am done with that project. I gave it to the owner of the commission, so they could have it as a companion piece. 
I made this piece for my Mother. I made a decision at the beginning of the pandemic to stop watching the news and I narrowed my social media interactions. We have all undoubtedly felt the negativity in the world in the recent months. My personal philosophy is you can't spread love without feeling love for yourself first. Limiting what you let into your mind is a great idea in turbulent times. I wanted to juxtapose what I have previously mentioned with a blast of love. Unconditional love, I think this will suffice for now. I also wanted to say I love you for reading this newsletter. Thank you.  (Love Button)
IMG_7645 2.jpg
"Cape Woods"
This painting was also made in Harwich Port, Cape Cod. The woods in Cape Cod fascinate me. The trees are spread out and the undergrowth is dense, yet you can walk through it with ease. I think it must have to do with the sandy soil. I was staying in Cape Cod last summer and a tornado touched down right outside our rental. So many trees fell. Moments like that make you realize 'Oh yeah cape cod is pretty much just a sandy little island'. I then thought of the audacity that the trees had to grow on other little sandy islands. The "happening" of life inspired this piece. I painted it right in front of the woods, to borrow some of Mother Nature's shapes. 
What it looks like when we all vote. If you take away a singular "vote" from the painting... the painting changes completely. Every vote matters. If you're not sure if you're registered to vote you can check here --->
"Vote" Sticker
I am currently donating ALL profits from the sale of This Sticker to If you purchase this sticker your name will get entered ten times into a raffle I'm holding to win a free mask and poster print of your choosing from my store! 
My first collaboration with another artist (Vivienne Turner). We painted on a huge canvas (4'x'6') socially distanced outside. It was really fun to feed off of eachother. We started off by choosing one color (yellow) and decided to paint what "waves" meant to us. Then it naturally evolved from there. We were able to finish this piece in under three hours. It also helped that the wind blowing dried the paint almost right after we put it to the canvas. ("Mighty" Mask)
IMG_7736 2.JPG
The first part of 2020 summarized. An alternative name: "Fuhgettaboutit". For the times you need to just say "F it" and move on. 
I can't wait to get back inside and go to a jazz club.
Golf has become my quarantine hobbie. 
My birthday is in February(18), that makes me an aquarius.
I am currently in beautiful Massachusetts, looking forward to going back to NYC.
Desk Garden
I love plants. Organizing creative workspaces with plants and other inspiration makes me feel at home. I am currently reading "Pure Heart, Enlightened Mind: The Zen Journal & Letters of Maura Soshin O'Halloran" - Bio - "In 1979, 24-year-old Maura O'Halloran left her waitressing job in Boston and began her study of Zen in Japan. Today she is revered as a Buddhist saint, and a statue in her honor stands at the monastery where she lived. This is the story of her journey
I found this book in storage at my parents house and have been passively reading it for a while. My brother told me my aunt had given him the book. I was on the phone with my aunt last week and happened to mention I was reading the book that she had given my brother. I told her I really liked it and it was really inspiring me. I then told her I felt like a lot of what Maura was going through really resonated with me. My aunt then says, "Maura is/was your second cousin" I said, "WHAT?". 
She then told me Maura was my Grandfather's cousin. I'll have to re-read it with this in mind.
Winner from last week's email forward raffle -----> Calvin P. !! He chose this print to be sent to him--> "Merge Poster"
Thank you so much for taking the time to check out what I have been up to. 
I look forward to being in touch at the beginning of next month :).
Michael Sadowsky

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